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The largest pandemic facing humanity:

236 Million People Are Suffering From Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) –
A Marker For Death

The largest pandemic facing humanity:

The Scariest Part Is Half of Them Don’t Know It

Bringing PAD detection into the 21st century

We’re the only platform using ultrasound technology to provide early diagnosis of PAD at the point of care

70% of people who have a PAD related leg amputation die within 3 years

changing the paradigm

The Current Model
Doesn’t Work – We Fixed It

See how Arenal compares to the current outdated approach

Current Outdated Model


20th century technology, bulky equipment and wired use of pressure cuffs

Limited Access

Multiple appointments, expensive equipment only found in specialty practices

Time Consuming

Takes up to 30 minutes, extensive training

You’re On Your Own

All follow up and ongoing care is the responsibility of the patient
With Arenal Medical

Simple and Easy

Digital health platform, easy to use, portable and wireless ultrasound technology


Testing at point of care, fraction of the cost of current equipment – even from home

Efficient & Highly Accurate

Measures pulse waves, the Gold Standard in PADtesting providing reports in under 5 minutes

Ongoing Support

Physician monitoring through Arenal Medical app and platform – help is there when you need it

Our Solution

The Heart of Our Platform

We are revolutionizing PAD detection from being reactive to proactive with our patent-pending Doppler ultrasound technology

Arenal Block

The heart of our modular platform that powers our device using a microcomputer capable of driving the custom ultrasound transceivers

Powering a Range of Devices

A set of wireless sensors that work seamlessly with the Arenal Block to provide critical early detection of PAD
*under development




How It Works

Connect With Providers

Seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs making it easy and cost-effective

Will be available on:

The Arenal Wave Captures Patient Data

An array of four proprietary wireless sensors that work synchronously to provide critical cardiovascular indicators using Doppler ultrasound technology

Data is sent Directly to Arenal App

Cardiovascular information is displayed in the “Arenal Medical Application” and any red flags will be highlighted, variations in time will be analyzed as they develop

Data integrates with existing EMRs

Providers can seamlessly integrate the Arenal platform with their current EHRs, avoiding the need for staff retraining and ensuing easy data accessibility

Untapped Market Opportunity

Driving exponential growth and recurring revenue

97.5% Market share is uncaptured

Win-Win Model



Lower cost of device compared to competitor


Average provider reimbursement per test

Our Story

Driven by near-death experiences, our Founders work tirelessly to create revolutionary medical devices.

The Team

Rafael G. Corrales

Chief Executive Officer + Founder,

Rafael G. Corrales

Chief Executive Officer + Founder,
  • 20+ Years of global experience in executive roles
  • Lead the development and launch of 5 medical devices
  • Inventor of 3 medical device patents

Dr. Yamilah Bouzid MD

Chief Medical Officer + Founder,

Dr. Yamilah Bouzid MD

Chief Medical Officer + Founder,
  • 27+ years of cardiology and internal medicine experience
  • Director of Medicine – Hospital CIMA San Jose
  • Member of 4 different cardiology associations and societies

Alan Steimberg

VP of Growth & Strategy,

Alan Steimberg

VP of Growth & Strategy,
  • Chief Operating Officer – American Infusion
  • Regional Director of Business Operations – Dialyze Direct
  • Direction of Business Development and Operations – BD Health

Heiner Alvarado

Lead Engineer

Heiner Alvarado

Lead Engineer
  • Health Technology Professor – Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Hardware Development Engineer – Establishment Labs
  • Structural Design Engineer – Intel® Cop

Carla Castro

Communications Manager

Carla Castro

Communications Manager
  • Entrepreneur and business coach
  • Founder and Director, Tinta Digital
  • Editor in chief of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica Magazine

Kattia Barahona

Quality & Regulatory Systems Manager

Kattia Barahona

Quality & Regulatory Systems Manager
  • 20+ years managing, auditing, and implementing Quality Systems
  • Certified by standards such as ISO13485 & ISO9001
  • Accredited by ISO17025, ISO14971 & FDA 21 CFR Medical Devices Regulation

Laura Loáiciga

Creative Lead

Laura Loáiciga

Creative Lead
  • Creative Lead & Founder – Aperti Studio
  • Designer Lab Coordinator – Establishment Lab
  • Design & Marketing Specialist – Hotel Villa Los Candiles

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